Presentation Tips

  • Scale your visuals for presentation in large conference rooms:
    • Font size not smaller than 24 points.
    • Simulate how your slides will appear to the audience in the back of the room: Step back about 15 feet from a 15 inch monitor.
  • Prepare notes that complement your slides – do not just read what is on shown in the slides. The audience can read slides silently faster than you can read them aloud.
  • Divide ideas into groups of 3 to five. People can more easily grap information in small segments.
  • Only use graphics that are relevant to your topic. Do not add clip art just to make slides “interesting”.
  • Keep the graphics minimal and the colors muted for readability.
  • Limit the text in your visuals to the main concepts.

Practicing your presentation

  • Practice your presentation aloud, speaking slowly and clearly.
  • Ask others to listen and give you feedback.
  • Do not read your paper or slide. Use an outline of your major concepts to follow when making your presentation.
  • Use simple English. Remember that this is an international audience. For many attendees, English might be a second language.
  • Conclude your presentation by repeating your opening theme and main ideas, answering any questions that you might have raised in your opening and repeat any basic thoughts that you want your audience to remember.
  • Time your presentation. Be sure not to use more time than is allotted for your presentation.