Davide BORRA
(NoReal.it, Italy)

Abstract: The DVD video “The Vendicari Tower” is a virtual anastilosy example about the different construction phases of this defence Sicilian tower, from the fourteenth century.
This building is now visitable by summer tourists who frequent the beaches near the tower.
The main objective of the video, therefore, is to expose the history of this building and the surrounding area, taking advantage of an exciting story based on hypothetical reconstructions and scientific rigor.
The originality of this application lies in being able to associate beautiful images with the iconography or the historical text that has generated the hypothesis, until to propose a complete “map of the declaration at the historical data” that allows knowing which singular part has a better degree of certainty respect the historical data and architectural surveys.
The information content, therefore, is explicitly throughout the documentary.
The entertainment value is assessable in respect to the degree that one feels emotionally due to the gradual unfolding of the reconstruction hypothesis, as much as possible using different weather and environmental conditions in order to emphasize the many features that took centuries in the tower, in addition to the defensive function.
The Vendicari Tower was selected among the best European Virtual Cultral Heritage Applications and exhibited in 2011 in “Archeovirtual” -Paestum (Italy) and in “Arqueologica 2.0” in Seville (ES)
For this Award we can propose a short trial of the video.

Keywords: virtual anastilosy, virtual cultural heritage