Towards a reconstruction proposal

(NR IBAM, Lecce, Italy)

Keywords: Taormina, Theatre, 3D, reconstruction

This contribution outlines the results achieved for the reconstructive study of the Greek-Roman theater of Taromina, aimed at the realization of a GC film presented at the G7 summit (26-27 May 2017). The reconstruction is now exposed to visitors within one of the two basilicas at the entrance of the theater. The work was commissioned by the archaeological superintendence-archaeological park of Naxos-Taormina and proposes the ancient structure in its original aspect in two distinct phases. The first phase dating back to the first quarter of the II sec. When, following a first imposing renovation, the complex expanded the receptive capacity of audience with the construction of an external ambulatory and the re-construction of the entire scaenae frons. The second part of the III sec. instead, it involves changes to the stage building and the orchestra with its transformation into the arena that change the use of the building. The theatre representations was substitute with gladiatorial games. Our reconstruction uses fast 3D surveys based on drone photogrammetry and close range photogrammetry, together with the potential offered by the 3D modelling environment for interpretation and study. This approach have led to some unpublished solutions. The main goal of this work, after all, is to understand the architectural and detail features of the monument, in an overall vision that frames the original context allowing visitors to value the elements of its originality.

Relevance conference / Relevance session:
This poster presents 3D reconstruction of the important Greek-Roman theatre of Taormina.

The study is carried out using drone-based and close-range photogrammetry, aided from direct 3D approach.


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