Ekaterina GUTROVA / Alexander POLYAKOV / Ekaterina VIUNOVA / Alyona USTIUGOVA

(Samara Institute – Higher School of Privatization and Enterprise, Samara, Russia)

The aim of this presentation is exposition of colors and shapes throughout the Silkroad history by the visual images, photography and world heritage from China to Mid-Volga region of Russia. The history of Great Silk Road is history of moving of colors and shapes. The cultural landscapes and aesthetic traditions of Silkroad history is resource for intercultural creativity and development in global time. The modern postmodernist stylistics set and form new forms of cultural attraction with strongly pronounced art color and social mobility. Tourism and photo are allocated among the most dynamically developing constituents in modern culture. Tourism is as a way of expansion of a cultural reality. Effective and most accessible means of cultural screen and archiving is the photo. The photo allows to overcome a syndrome of parting with just open (seen) and to fix a swift-flowing life, as much as possible to keep its documentary accuracy. If tourism opens to the person new cultural horizons the photo does this open world accessible to repeated use. We consider the contemporary tourism as one of ways of Silkroad’s tradition revival. And photo enables express the new dialogue and archiving in space of culture by means of art images of Great Silk Road.