Sonja JILEK / Andreas SCHWARCZ

(Institut für Österr. Geschichtsforschung, Vienna, Austria)

Outline:The poster will present the aims and goals of the CE project Danube Limes

The overall objectives of the Danube Limes project, which is supported in the Central Europe programme of the European Union, are to protect and promote the Danube Limes in Central Europe by nominating it for World Heritage status. In a first step Hungary and Slovakia decided to prepare their nomination documents with the help of many other partner countries, because such a project needs a trans-national approach in order to develop comprehensive solutions for the recording, protection and management of the Site. The nomination of a river frontier such as along the Danube requires specific measures for the definition, protection and presentation. It is vital to set up a commitment to achieve appropriate balance between preservation, conservation, access, the interests of local communities and sustainable economic use of our archaeological sites. Experience has shown that the WHS status is an efficient strategy to achieve long-time preservation and sustainable use of cultural/archaeological resources (both visible and buried archaeology). The presentation and awareness of the Danube Limes as a common and transnational heritage links up people from different regions and 8 countries. The nomination implies an up-grading especially of remote, rural or disconnected areas within the national as well as the European context.

Keywords: Roman Limes, World Heritage, Danube Countries