Round Table – Call for short Papers

Organiser: Anna Margherita JASINK, Italy
Co-Organiser: Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy | Willem BEEX, The Netherlands| Bernard FRISCHER, USA

These applications combine the attraction of a contest with an easier approach to understanding heritage information for people of any age. The interpretation and translation of basic historical information into a gaming environment is probably the most important milestone in the creation of such applications.

This “gamification” process has created a number of different experiences, often combining real and digital artefacts into a new reality. As a spin-off from the session “New Realities 3” this round table is dedicated to games and digital environments for museums and exhibitions, which are presenting the history of a place, a specific event, the evolution of a settlement, or the life of some ancient character.

Special attention will be given to the shape of a game, proposed rules, digital environments, the gameplay, and on-line or on-site solutions. This Round Table will be the place to discuss general issues, rules, and lessons learned. It will also create the right conditions to enhance the common experience about this kind of very important developments.

Submit your abstract via online-form.