Teodora TASHEVA1 / Mine YAR2

(1Bulgaria / 2Turkey)

In 1359, after the Ottomans came to Balkans, Plovdiv was conquered in 1364 by Lala Sahin Pasha. After Ottoman-Russian War in 1878, the Ottomans left Plovdiv. Plovdiv Murat Hudavendigar Mosque being built after the conquest was the first huge complex like mosque. It was built in 1364 by Sultan I.Murad in Filibe (Plovdiv) Bulgaria. The Istanbul Municipality prepared an “Interchange Project” between Istanbul Municipality and Bulgarian Government. In this Project Istanbul Municipality was restored St.Stephan Orthodox Church in Istanbul and Plovdiv Cuma Mosque in Bulgaria between the years 2006 and 2008.
Plovdiv is on the active seismic center. So the mosque had two big earthquakes in 1818 and 1928. Therefore the Mosque has decorated three times and repaired lots of time in its life.
During the restoration process of Cuma Mosque, restorers determined 3 levels of mural painting on the Cuma Mosque’s walls from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. The eclectic period of 20th century was removed after documentation. 18 th century was left under the 19th century by documentation. So in this paper we want to talk about 3D Max documentation of Plovdiv Cuma Mosque Mural paintings.

Keywords: restoration, conservation, 3DMax documentation