Chair | Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy

In this session subtractive architecture from various ages and its study can be presented and compared.
From the simple caves to the underground towns. All the digital approaches are welcome to communicate the different ways to read, interpretate, preserve, communicate and analyze the rupestrian spaces between past and present:

•    Digital survey of rupestrian and subtractive architectures
•    Databases and documentation about rupestrian settlements
•    Advanced investigations about the rupestrian environment
•    Virtual reality visits, reconstructions
•    Web Geography and Neo Geography to allow the visit, cataloguing and dissemintaion of rupestrian settlements
•    Comparizations between different settlements where the digital approach has a meaningful part
•    The study with innovative approach of a single cave or rupestrian structure
•    The study with innovative approach of the rupestrian landscape/environment
•    Rupestrian pictorical elements digital survey and documentation

All the proposal should clearly present the contents, the subject, the choosen approach and the choices made to create a digital approach to the rupestrian themes.