The example of early medieval low relief in SS. Assunta e S. Bartolomeo church in Badia Prataglia, Tuscany

Filippo DIARA
(Politecnico di Torino, Architecture and Design department (DAD), Torino, Italy)

Keywords: Badia Prataglia, conservation, early middle ages, low-cost, photogrammetry

This work will focus on the state of conservation of low relief in SS. Assunta e S. Bartolomeo church in Badia Prataglia (Poppi) in Tuscany. This sculpture, dated to IX-X sec. A.D., is located into the early medieval crypt of the church, in an epistyle above a little alcove. In this place over the years the rising damp degraded the epistyle decoration and also capitals, getting close to lose the low relief depth. This project of analysis started in 2012, from another photogrammetric project of this church, and after we found an old picture of this sculpture in an article of Alberto Fatucchi, one of the most important scholar of history of Casentino and Tuscany in general. From this old picture (1977) we noticed the different state of conservation of low relief and we decided to plan another photogrammetric survey, in 2016, to understand the low relief changes over the time. Photogrammetric techniques, especially post processing methods like digital elevation model (DEM), helped us to know the rising damp action over four years. In addition to the post processing analysis we studied and measured the instruments signs on low relief in order to compare these results with DEM and to organize another analytic survey and an intervention plan.