(Aegean Laboratory University of Florence, Italy)

Keywords: legature

The Riccardiana Library in Florence is a relevant institution in the panorama of Italian libraries and has a leading position in the strategies of archaeology of written documents. The research projects of the Riccardiana Library are particularly concerned with conservation, restoration and availability of the cultural heritage book, with full exploitation of electronic resources.
Legature on line is a project in progress, with the aim of cataloguing the manuscripts of the ancient ligatures. In the final phase it will include the description of 320  intact or restored units, until the end of the XVI century, and also of some valuable pieces of the beginning of the XVII century.
To ensure a friendly consultation, usable also by non-specialists, the mask is structured according to a plurality of fields of access to documents, identified by location.
Next to a double possibility of view of the card of each manuscript (presented either in a descriptive shape or trough lemma), the scanned image is flanked on the move, with the option for the user to rotate the object to a three-dimensional view and to enlarge the individual details of the decoration. The site makes a useful glossary of technical terms available.