Call for Papers

Chairs: Suvi DEBENJAK, Austria | Isto HUVILA, Sweden | Peter TÓTH, Slovakia

The use of digital methods and tools in archaeology and heritage, whether for documentation, prospection, analysis, visualization and presentation purposes, has increased tremendously during the last decade. There is an increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation with digital data standing in the centre of research. However, in contrast to the amount of practical and scholarly work that has been devoted to developing and appropriating techniques and methods, there is relatively little research on how digital information, tools and infrastructures are used and what is their impact on research and practice in archaeology and heritage field. Important questions that need to be answered are how digital data is used for assessing the archaeological record or for statistical analysis. It is vital to reflect on the methods with which the historical data is being used and on the impact that these methods have on the archaeological work. A better understanding of these archaeological and heritage practices both through empirical and theoretical research on on-going and past projects, and accounts and methods for assessing and reflecting on practical work is a key to a sustainable development and use of new, innovative and useful digital approaches in the heritage field.

The session brings together papers studying and highlighting archaeological and heritage practices, interdisciplinarity, knowledge production and use, and their impact on digital scholarship and practices in the cultural heritage sector. Papers can focus on the study of methods in digital work in a broad range of contexts from archaeological fieldwork and collections-based research and stewardship of archaeological and heritage data to scholarship, and archaeological and heritage practices involving local knowledge and global communities. This session invites contributions from both researchers and practitioners conducting theoretical and empirical research and practical projects that provide new knowledge and perspectives to the topic.

 The session is organised by the COST Action “Archaeological practices and knowledge work in the digital environment” (

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