Ernest SASU

(Uphills Institute, Adabraka-Accra, Ghana)


  • To sensitize, stimulate and conscientize people across the Globe about the importance of Cultural heritage preservation and its benefit and contributions to socio-economic development (Domestic and International).
  • Educate and Empower Cultural activists to lobby support from corporate bodies to encourage and promote Global Tourism .
  • To establish an Independent Global plat form to serve as the mouthpiece of Cultural activists in securing legislation to protect the Global Cultural Heritage.

As the world is getting smaller one has to look at issues from various cultural perspective because that is what it takes to work effectively in a Global society.Globalisation has become a mind bugling issue which is posing a serious threat on cultural heritage of most countries.
The socio economic and political issues have undermined the cultural values around the world. Every well meaningful society in this world has a cultural heritage which forms part of the historical foundations which regulates the socio-economic and judicial conduct of the people. Culture is therefore an integral part of development which is inseparable with development.
The damage on the cultural heritage as a result of Globalization is overwhelming and can not be overemphasized. This damage caused cannot be examined and be quantified, Cultural activist have the view that sustainable development can only be achieved if the cultural heritage of the people are well taken into consideration. There is however an unyielding commitment in the face of national development in this modern era by Governments to promote the cause of cultural heritage of its people.
Research institutions must be established to facilitate research work globally on how to sustain the cultural values across the globe. Governments must also contribute effectively to its sustainability; meanwhile it must promote and find ways of protecting the cultural values and traditions of its people as well.
From the foregoing it is obviously clear that conscious effort must be made to streamline issues affecting the cultural values around the world, although Globalization and its agents will serve as a threat to the development, initiative can be made to promote a sustainable cultural heritage which provides identity for every nation as a pillar for development.