Chair: Masha Vukanovic

Tourism as a way to learn about self and others also provide outline for discussing usage of cultural heritage. Eventually, during the year, regardless of profession or education, each and every one of us likes to have some vacation time. How do we make our choices of destinations? Once when we get to our destination, what we’re going to do except wandering around, skiing or swimming? While wandering around what do we discover? Culture? Heritage? Sites where popular films (Troy, Alexander…) were filmed? Question is: where are archeologists, anthropologists, ethnologists, historians of art, etc in the process of “tour preparations”? Goal of this session is to present good practice experiences from all over the globe and also to try to remind scientific public what is their task. Intention of this sub-session is not to preach that every single archeologist, anthropologist, historian of art, etc., should put efforts in popularization of science and heritage or that scientific criteria should degrade in order to be understandable for average man/woman/child. Intention is to show that scientific and popular could work together for mutual benefits. Applications of sciences as well as usage of media and new technologies should not be seen as “making science impure” thing neither as pure scientific means. Important issue is how to overcome uneasiness which commercialization of heritage brings and remember why we are doing what we are doing and for whom we collect everything we collect. Do we collect it so it can rotten in archives or we can actually present it to public?