Wolfgang Süß
(SENSYS GmbH, Bad Saarow, Germany)

Keywords: multi sensor system, magnetometer, DGPS

“With many supporting activities in the archaeology, SENSYS also realized an archaeological survey in La Olmeda Spain. The farm land around the old Roman villa had to be scanned with minimum budget and in shortest time.
SENSYS used a mix of a 16 channel gradiometer magnetometer systems with RTK DGPS, a 5 channel gradiometer magnetometer system and an active system EMD1 to generate highly accurate large area maps within shortest time.
SENSYS covered 28 ha in 2 days, having a measurement point grid of 10 by 10 cm and a georeferencing of every measurement point within 2 cm. The big advantage in comparison to smaller or hand held devices is the stability of measurement data from all the probes within the systems. Using 1-channel systems requires walking straight lines. Having no RTK DGPS with base station requires exact measurement of track lengths in order to properly spread the measurement data over the length of a track. All this becomes obsolete with the SENSYS multi channel systems and generates highly accurate magnetometer maps from large areas. Thus giving the possibility to analyze in very low nT- ranges as well as analyze the correlations of large but nearby structures.
With the comprehensive SENSYS software MAGNETO, all data from the La Olmeda project could be put into one map and revealed a desiccated river as well as some roads and building structures.”