Advanced Archaeological Training

Organisers: Carmen LÖW, Austria | Nadine ALPINO, Germany

Archaeologists are confronted every day with the task of communicating their work to a diversity of audiences or target groups. Whether it is public lectures for interested people or presentations of prospection results for construction committees in local communities, the speakers are increasingly confronted by an audience that is spoiled by the media with peppy pictures and pithy slogans. Also, the attention span in our multimedia world seems to be decreasing, regardless of the impact of the subject.
Unlike in North America, where school children are already trained in rethorics, such topics are usually not covered, not even in universities, in the German speaking areas. However, in an increasingly international and trans disciplinary, as well as in a more and more competitive Archaeology, these skills are becoming increasingly important.
In the workshop “Professional Presentations”, the general, theoretical background of communication will be conveyed: How to structure a lecture? How to create a continuous thread for the audience? In what different ways do people acquire knowledge? And what kinds of speakers are there?
For this purpose, the most common presentation tools are presented and illustrated by examples. The workshop will not only deal with the widespread software PowerPoint (and answer questions such as how much text one can use or how much time one has to plan per slide). It will also cover other IT tools, which are trendy in other disciplines – such as Prezi and Impress. In addition, the often inconspicuous classical tools, such as whiteboards and flip charts, are shown with their many possibilities. Participants will be able to explore these and other topics under the expert guidance of the workshop organizers.
The 180-minute workshop is divided into theoretical knowledge transfer and numerous exercises, in which the participants can put their new skills to the test. In an atmosphere of open dialogue, there will be plenty of opportunity for mutual exchange and questions.

Maximum of 15 participants | 180min