presented by Igor Yurchak, Chief Architect of the Kiev Urban Institute, Kiev, Ukraine, member of the Architects of the Russian Union

This afternoon shall initiate the forming of the regional Cultural Heritage Cadastre of Western Ukraine and further activity on the creation of an Interstate Fund for Cultural Heritage of the Danube Region by the following main points:

Presentation of the west region of Ukraine (most significant historical – culture places)
Informational exchange of historical and archeological dates, archives and operational dates.
Unification of the information on cultural heritage of the Danube region for creating the Unified Public Database
Forming the regional Cultural Heritage Cadastre for Danube Region (with the center in Vienna, with the most comprehensive archive of information about the region)
Adaptation of programs for collecting and classifying data with the development of uniform classification structure
Adaptation of the information available to the operational needs
Collection of information on the most important need of archaeological research in the region
Integrated regional development programs of archaeological research with the invitation of experts from different countries
Publications the reconnaissance completed archaeological research (list of completed but unpublished works)
Further fundamental research of published studies
Development of a program of fundamental and rescue archaeological work in Lviv
Culture exchange
Educational programs
Creating the Interstate Fund for Cultural Heritage of the Danube Region