(Archaeological Centre VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Abstract: Until recently, we were poorly informed about the predecessors of Dorestad. The publication of Van Es and Verwers on Dorestad (1980) are of course well known and important sources for the Early Medieval tradeport of Dorestad, but only a small proportion of the excavations in the municipality of modern Wijk bij Duurstede has been published at site level. In the programma called Dorestad Vicus Famosus, other sites and aspects of the excavations in and around Dorestad were analysed, using new techniques.
The site De Geer, only a few hundred meters from the northern quarters of Dorestad, is contemporary with Dorestad but also much older. Based on the vectorisation of all features of the Wijk bij Duurstede excavations by Benno Ridderhof and new post-excavation analysis of the finds, the paper by Stijn Heeren will address Middle Roman, Late Roman and Merovingian settlements close to the later Dorestad and thus shed light on the predecessors and earliest origins of Dorestad. The application of new technology in combination with renewed study of the finds and features made these results possible.

Keywords: Roman Period; Merovingian period; The Netherlands; tradeport Dorestad; vectorization