Radek Petrzelka1 / Michal Kucera1 / Jiri Machacek2

(1GISIT / 2Masaryk University, Czech Republic)

Purpose: Sharing of an archaeological data for scientific usage is a challenge for this decade. POHAN Data Server based on advanced GISIT GeoFolder technology solution allows to maintenance and publish data, captured throughout many years. Methodology/Approach:
Knowledge of Pohansko near Breclav comes primarily from archaeological excavations, carried out at the site since 1958 by the Institute of Archaeology and Museology of the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. To date, an area of some 140,000 square meters has been professionally opened and documented at Pohansko. The archaeologists acquired during this time a lot of scientific data. For this reason began since 1995 work on POHAN GIS.
POHAN GIS was extended by POHAN Data Server in May 2006. POHAN DS allows to maintain data (files) in order. According to his privileges user can download and upload data using automatic versioning. Every data is connected to GIS structures, it is possible to localize browsed file in map. When searching file user can use powerful set of attribute and spatial filters. POHAN DS is used by members of excavation team as well as all scientist, which want to work with raw data from Pohansko.

Result: Thousands of files are maintained in preciously defined structures. According to user privileges people can download raw archaeological data without installation any client program. Only authorized users can upload or validate data to system. POHAN DS is a powerful solution for sharing raw archaeological data.

Keywords: GISIT, Pohansko, data server