Frederick BAKER
(McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge University, England, UK)

Keywords: 360 Gear VR Animated rock-art


Pitoti Prometheus is a 17 minute film made with 3D scanned prehistoric Rock Art figures from Valcamonica in the southern Alps. The 150,000 Pitoti (or ‘little puppets’ in the local Lombard dialect) range from the Copper Age to 16BC when the local Camuni tribe were conquered by the Romans.
The aim of the App and VR 360 film is to tell the story of Prometheus and the Camuni through a dramatic fragment written by the poet Goethe. The film uses innovative 3D rock art scanners from the TU Graz and volumetric cameras from the Bauhaus University Weimar. The film is made for the Gear VR in 360 fully immersive 6K density. The flying birds, gladiatorial battles, dancing, hunting and ploughing scenes are highly entertaining. It is the first VR film made with original cultural heritage content and shows the potential of using academically collected material for intellectual and educational use.