Photogrammetry – Documentation from Photos

(Chairs: Norbert PFEIFER / Ulrike HERBIG / Camillo RESSL, Austria)

The workshop offers an introduction to photogrammetry as an operational tool for documentation of archeological and architectural sites and monuments, suitable for object sizes in the order of one meter to one hundred meter. The workshop will be split into three parts, an

  • introduction into the fundamentals of terrestrial photogrammetry,
  • practical guidelines for on-site image acquisition and in-office digital reconstruction, and
  • reports from cultural heritage experts on their photogrammetric experiences.

The workshop will be held in class-room style, including demonstration of field campaigns, resitution procedures, and final models.

The workshop is addressing technically minded cultural heritage experts, seeking simple, low-cost documentation methods. A good single lens reflex camera, appropriate software, and the competence taught in the workshop, augmented by practical experience will allow the employment of the suggested routines.

The workshop is limited to 30 participants.