Cristina CIUFFI
(K-APP Cristina Ciuffi, Potenza, Italy)

Keywords: Perfect Picture, Cristina Ciuffi

1) PerfectPicture is an innovative App for smartphones and tablets aimed at promoting and exploiting places of cultural heritage – from famous art cities to less known tourist routes. It rouses the travellers’ curiosity by enabling them, in the shortest time possible, to take their own Perfect Picture against world-famous backgrounds because it selects for them strategic places of historical, architectural or landscape interest.
2) PerfectPicture is conceived so that you can “photograph yourself” rather than just take pictures. Its original idea comes from tourists’ very common demand to be photographed in the most beautiful and interesting locations they visit. Unfortunately, lack of time or a faulty organisation of their travel itinerary often prevent them from doing so. PerfectPicture is unique for it allows to photograph people and backgrounds together in one single shot with no waste of time. PerfectPicture was first released in 2014 for New York. On the occasion of Expo 2015, then, PerfectPicture – Milano was created in partnership with Canon Italia.
3) PerfectPicture exploits places of cultural heritage and makes travellers save time. By being directed to the most beautiful and interesting spots of the places they visit, tourists can photograph themselves in these spots with no waste of time. Through their pictures, then, they can tell the story of their journey in a unique way.
4) PerfectPicture is the right app for those who visit art cities and places of cultural heritage, and do not want to waste time selecting the best backgrounds to photograph themselves against. Tourists will have an organised itinerary of Perfect Pictures to hand, together with all the most useful information on the places they are photographing. The Map section of the app presents you with strategic photo spots in which you can take your own perfect picture following the parameters given in the Prototype Picture section. You can then upload and share your photos on social networks.


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