Orsolya LÁNG
(BHM Aquincum Museum, Budapest, Hungary)

Abstract: Even though the more than 120 years of archaeological excavations at the Aquincum Civil Town have brought to light nearly half of the ancient town, thorough publishing of the excavated remains and finds have rarely been done, thus theories concerning the functions of buildings and building history were created without them.
Different standards of evaluation were used to document the excavations from the 19th c. onwards ranging from short reports and traditional layer-description methods to objectively numbered archaeological features and proper stratigraphy.  More recently, an attempt has been made to re-valuate these old data in case of the so-called North – East quarter of the town in order to gain more information about the building history of the Civil Town.
During the work it was necessary to deal with all site observation data and finds from the differently documented excavations within a single integrated system. Thus, it seemed most appropriate to use the Harris matrix system. In most cases all archaeological features described in the diaries were numbered, employing all handwritten and typed documentation. These features were placed afterwards into a matrix based on the site drawings and photos.
The method described above permitted the creation of an “internal”, relative chronology for each excavation so they could be compared to each other and finally set up in a kind of “concordance table”, i.e. the relative chronological sequence of the North-East quarter itself. The find material could afterwards be connected to the identified building phases to help create absolute dates for the phases.
Inspite of the problems that arose during the work, converting the various excavation-documentations into an integrated system proved successful in the case of the North-East zone of the Civil Town: based on the identified building phases and the finds connected to them the building history of this quarter could be reconstructed and provided new data on the activities that took place in this zone in the settlement.

Keywords: Aquincum, North-East quarter, excavation, evaluation, buildings, documentation