Łukasz MISZK1 | Wojciech OSTROWSKI2
(1Jagiellonian University in Krakow | 2University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland)

Keywords: Photogrammetry, Nea Paphos, Cyprus, Classical Archaeology

In our paper we would like to present role of the photogrammetry and remote sensing for projecting and conducting of the archaeological research. Experiences from the Paphos Agora Project will be used as an exemplification. During aforementioned project economic infrastructure is a main point of the researchers, however conducted research take into consideration whole area on Paphos Archaeological Park (which cover half of area on ancient Paphos City). Before final process of the excavation the full process of the remote sensing studies is being conducted. Expedition has gathered all possible data from the old (archival aerial images) and modern satellite (WorldView-3) sources, which were compared with complemented by the high-resolution 3D data from the UAV prospection. Using archival aerial images is extremly important for rapidly developing urba areas. In Paphos case it facilitated understanding changes in surrounding landscape. Selected areas crucial for the main areas of the project, have been selected. The next step was the investigate selected area with the geophysics and geomorphological research. At the end archaeological excavations were conducted. Photogrammetry were used as a main tool for the documentation and research process facilitate making decision on archaeological site. We are going to present our experiences in implementing photogrammetry and remote sensing during every step of the research process.

Relevance conference | Relevance session:
Combination of the wide range of methods for archaeological workflow will be presented.

Innovation of the presented worklow is based on the complexity of the designed worklow for single archaeological site.

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3D Recording and Total Archaeology: From Landscapes to Historical Buildings, International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era volume 1 number 3 2012
AGAPIOU, A. et al. (2015): Impact of urban sprawl to cultural heritage monuments: The case study of Paphos area in Cyprus. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 16(5), 671–680.