Peter M. Fischer / Rainer Feldbacher

(The Palestinian-Swedish Expedition at Tell el-‘Ajjul. Gothenburg, Sweden / Austrian Academy of Science, Vienna, Austria)

The prime aim of the picture database “MontAjjul” the development and programming of which is financed by the Austrian Science Fund and supported by the Austrian Academy/SCIEM2000 is the recording of all archaeological finds from the old excavations at Tell el-cAjjul in the Gaza Strip by Flinders Petrie (1930-34 and 1938) and from the renewed excavation by Peter Fischer and Moain Sadeq (1999-2000; resumed in 2005?). It was decided that it should be possible for the non-specialist to handle “MontAjjul” without previous knowledge in programming and that the database can be converted in most of the more complex databases on the market.
The finds from the excavations in the 1930s are spread around the whole world. They can be found, inter alia, in the British Museum in London, the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, the Nicholson Museum in Sydney, and several museums in the U.S.A. and many other collections in Europe and elsewhere. The problem of tracing the extraordinary finds which include the famous gold hoards and over thousand of scarabs will be described.