(Centre of Kyiv Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology of the National Ukrainian Academy of Science, Ukraine)

Abstract: This paper deals with the methodological issues of the emergency excavations at Kyiv Podil. Dissonance between the laws and real state of the preservation and excavations of Medieval Kyiv moves archaeological organizations to find new methods of the heritage protection in Ukraine.
The State historic-cultural preserve “Ancient Kiev” was founded in 1987.            It covers an area of 175 ha, including 80 ha of the Kyiv Podil. According to the Ukrainian law of the “cultural heritage protection”, all the building and construction may be organized after the archaeological investigations exclusively. Large-scale building at the end of XX century resulted in the large-scale archaeological excavations. The methods of the emergency excavations were proposed at that time. Excavations include several stages.
. Builders and archaeologists sing an agreement that includes the area of the building, the assumed depth, time framework, supporting technics etc.
of the historical, archaeological and geological certificates. The geological data are very important because of the complicated stratigraphy of the Kyiv Podil. These data include the groundwater level and that allows the excavations strategy preparation.
The excavations start
. Ukrainian archaeologists are in difficult situation because builders sometimes ignore the laws, and archaeologists might have a limited time for their work. For example we may have only 3 months to excavate the area of 1000 square meters. Since the deepest layers are 12 meters below the ground, sometimes we should chose the most perspective part of the area for the excavations. For over 10 years we also work in winter time, that makes the excavations much more difficult. In some cases builders ignored the archaeologists at all.
We collaborate with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Heritage Protection Organizations, mass media. Thanks to this collaboration some archaeological complexes were saved.

Keywords: emergency excavations, Kyiv Podil