Evgeniy Begovatov


Evgeniy Begovatov (Russia) Volga Bulgaria, located in the central part of Volga- Baltic way, played the important role in intercontinental trade of X century between the East and the West. Here trading the way was divided on the western direction across Volga in Russian and the Baltic states and northern direction across Kama in Ugro- Finnish world. In this trading and cultural exchange it was the active participant. The Arabian sources inform about these. It is confirmed with archeological materials: kufic dirham, bars of silver, a beads, Byzantian and east glasswares, silver twisted bracelets, amber, the subjects of a suit found in territory former Bulgaria. Similar materials and also products Volga Bulgaria can be met on settlements on all Volga and Kama ways.
On a server the listed archeological materials from Near and Middle East, Baltic Ancient Russia, Ugro- Finnish world are submitted. First of all it kufic dirhams practically all samanid governors. Here are placed unique dirhams buid, ziarid, mamunid – the last kufic coins which have arrived on territory of the East Europe on boundary of X-XI centuries. The small program for an estimation of weight of such cut this coins is included in the web-interface of processing of base of a server. Similar fragments frequently meet on archeological monuments of end X-of the beginning of XI centuries. The chemical compound dirhams, reflecting change quality of coins for X century is resulted.
On a server the rich collection of fragments of glass products of Iran, Transcaucasia, a numerous and various beads of the Near East, Ancient Russia is placed. Electronic pictures allow to carry spend the morphological and technological analysis of these products.. The chemical analysis received by a spectral method Is resulted.
These of archeological materials on a server allows, to receive representation about the international and cultural connections of the medieval population and to provide access to electronic their images in Internet environment. Address server: