(Shenkar College of Design and Engineering, Israel)

Keywords: laser scanning, archaeological documentation

This video is summing up the collaboration between three academic institutions (Shenkar College of Design and Engineering, Israel – University of Florence – University of Pavia, Italy) on how to properly create a digital documentation of the archaeological site of Masada. The technologies’ used for documenting the site are laser scanning, GPS and photogrammetry. A group of researcher and students worked with the different technologies to create a comprehensive database of the three-dimensional geometry and photographical material of the site. This project was partially completed in 2013 (the area of the northern palace was documented) and will be continued for the next 2 years to complete the documentation of the whole site. The point cloud that results from this documentation will serve as a raw data base and from there 2D drawings, details and 3D meshes will be extracted. This will be further developed into a 3D reconstruction.