Vera Schulze / Hardy Prison / Peter Stamm

(Bonn, Germany)

MapArch is a new, free of charge Internet-Tool ( for the quick and easy mapping of archaeological finds, sites and distributions.
MapArch is developed upon the OpenSource-Geoportal Mapbender. After the registration, the user starts a new session and begins to digitize his data.. Using the GIS-functionality, digitizing and labeling of spots or areas in a map is very easy. After finishing the map, you can print your map as seen on the screen or download it in jpg-format for further processing it in other applications. Maparch already provides different digital maps which are free available.
After enabling the button „setting point“ just click on the location in the map, where the point shall be located. On mouseover a module shows the lon/lat-values in the statusbar enabling you to work with higher accuracy. After digitizing a point or an area, the system lets you enter your data like name, place, city/community, country, description, foto, symbol and colour. With the selection fields ‹symbol› and ‹color›, you’ll manage the design of the symbols in the map. The data set in the field will be displayed in the map next to the symbol. Mapbender and MapArch are licensed under the GPL (General Public Licens). MapArch contains the following F/OSS-components: UMN MapServer, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache WebServer. MapArch uses Wiki-technology for help and online-dokumentation.