The menu will be served by the Rathaus Keller –  Mon – Wed between 12:20 and 14:00 from the kitchen desk in room 319
You can buy your voucher at the registration desk daily before 10:30 am

Price: EUR 13,- each menu (pastries included)

Tuesday November 02
Geschmorte Rindsroulade mit Erdäpfelpüree
Braised beef roulade with mashed potatoes
Gemüselasagne mit Joghurt Dip
Vegetable lasagne with yoghurt dipping sauce
Wednesday November 03
Gegrilltes Hühnerfilet mit Tomaten-Zucchini-Gemüse und Petersilerdäpfel
Grilled chicken breast with tomatoes-courgettes Vegetables and parsley potatoes
Gemüsecurry mit Duftreis
Vegetable curry with aromatic rice
Thursday November 04
Faschierte Laibchen mit Erdäpfelsalat und Gurkensalat
Meatballs with potato-salad and cucumber salad
Gemüselaibchen mit Joghurt Dip
Vegetable pattieswith yoghurt dipping sauce