(German Archaeological Institute, Berlin, Germany)

Keywords: capacity building, cultural heritage, emergency heritage management, Iraq

Exchanging scientific approaches on Conservation of Archaeological and Historical Heritage
The Iraqi-German Expert Forum on Cultural Heritage responds to the growing destruction of archaeological and historical monuments in Iraq. It is an initiative that sets its focus on the preservation, conservation and restoration of archaeological and historical building remains in Iraq as well as on modern techniques for the documentation and processing of archaeological and mainly immovable structures of excavations.
The expert forum is intended for archaeologists and architects of the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage (SBAH) and attached institutions in Iraq. By proposing a capacity building programme, it seeks to foster as well as to intensify dialogue and exchange on recent technical developments in the fields of building archaeology and heritage conservation.
The Iraqi-German Expert Forum on Cultural Heritage is an initiative of the German Archaeological Institute and its Baghdad Branch. It is generously funded by the Migration Fund at the Federal Foreign Office and supported by the German Federal Parliament. It is part of the project “Stunde Null: A Future for the Time after the Crisis” initiated by the Archaeological Heritage Network in Germany and supported by the German Foreign Office.
This paper presents the structure and implementation of the expert forum and focuses on its goal to find the balance between capacity building in basic tools and in modern techniques.