Stefano Costa

(Instituto Internazionale di Studi Liguri, Sezione di Genova, Italy) was born in 2004 as an easy-access resource meant for everyone who is interested in the use and application of free software at all levels of archaeological research – whatever being their specific field of studies. At the same time we deal with open formats that are the necessary counterpart of free software, though they aren’t well known and diffused as one might wish. The website is built like a blog/portal – with very ordinary features indeed – and gets some hundreds visits a month. We collect useful links and news that come in topic categories. It acts as a community space and is a gate to the newly created mailing list about archaeology and free software. is open to the community input and continuously growing.
The analysis of our visitors can tell something about whether this experimental initiative was successful or not. is part of a larger “Archaeology and Informatics” project carried out by Gruppo Ricerche in Genoa.

Keywords: Free Software, Open Formats, Archaeological computing, Web sites