Ann Degraeve

(Archéologue – Attachée Ministère de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Direction des Monuments et Sites Cellule Archéologie, Bruxelles, Belgium)

In 2000 a comprehensive database has been initiated containing all the information regarding the archaeological excavations in the Brussels Capital Region.
The database is structured in such a way that first the data concerning the archaeological site must be entered, with its cadastral references, coordinates, coupled with the information regarding the owner of the building-site and the building contractor. Also joined, the period of excavation and the staff involved.
The next stage concerns an elaborate description of each stratigraphic unit excavated (relations with other units, texture, sampling). Attached to this level are the files regarding the chemical, biological and other analyses. The files describing the tombs are equally attached to their stratigraphic unit and contain the data concerning the position and conservation of the body.
Only when the site and stratigraphy levels have been introduced, one can start the description of the objects discovered during excavation. The object file contains general information such as dimensions and condition. Buttons in this file give access to the data concerning the restoration of the object, its location in the archaeological depot and a picture file. The last level presents a detailed description of each object according to its matter, e.g. ceramics, coins, metal objects, glass, etc.
Various queries, reports and lists, accessible via predefined buttons, allow the editing of archaeological reports and likewise constituting, at any moment, a summary of the whereabouts of the archaeological objects and samples. This database is, therefore, an extremely useful tool allowing both scientific research and depot management.