Panagiotis PARTHENIOS | Androulaki THEANO
(Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece)

Keywords: structure-from-motion, digital-reconstruction, augmented-reality

This poster describes the research conducted at the Digital Media Lab, Technical University of Crete, in coordination with the Ministry of Culture of Greece, via Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania, for the digital reconstruction of an archaic column. The 3d models of five very heavy parts of an archaic column (constructed ca 540 BC) were used for studying and reconstructing the complete column. The column was part of an archaic temple unique in size and in type for the area of Chania, in West Crete, Greece. The five stone drums found in a salvage excavation in the town. Now they are exposed in the yard of the old Archaeological Museum and the plan is that they get reconstructed in order to be properly exhibited in the New Archaeological Museum of Chania. The 3D models of the items were produced using SfM. Afisoft Photoscan software was combined with fast, easy and low cost equipment. The five 3D detailed models of the very heavy objects will be useful to archaeologist and researchers for their study since they can work in their office away from the museum. Furthermore, a digital reconstruction of the column and as a result the reconstruction of the ancient temple can be exhibited in a number of ways taking advantage of contemporary digital media such as Virtual, Augmented or Immersive Reality tools. Our research team is currently investigating ways to utilize augmented reality for the reconstruction of the archaic column. The 3D models that were produced with the Structure from Motion techniques, are being uploaded as .obj files into Google Tilt Brush. The user can then experiment by moving, rotating and scaling the individual 3D parts in a 3D environment in real time, thus drastically simplifying the digital reconstruction process for similar projects.

Relevance conference:
Integrating archaeology, architecture and innovative new technologies such as SfM and Augmented Reality, in order to digitally reconstruct an archaic column.

Combining Structure from Motion techniques with Augmented reality tools in order to digitally reconstruct an archaic column.


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