Giacomo FERI
(Dipartimento di Architettura, DIsegno Storia Progetto, Florence, Italy)

Abstract: This video was originally developed as a part of my master degree thesis in architecture (Tutors: Prof. Giorgio Verdiani and Prof. Andrea Volpe). It consists of the reconstruction of an old project from the year 1934 that was never built but continues to inspire and produce astonishment. During the years before the Second World War, Italian modern architecture had its “golden age” and will never again have such a good consideration all over the world. This project was presented for the competition of the “Plazzo Littorio” and would have become the headquarter and the symbol of fascism. Furthermore, the huge building would take place in the area of the Roman ancient ruins, right next to the Colosseum. Giuseppe Terragni, who was deeply studied and analyzed by Peter Eisenman, Pietro Lingeri, Luigi Vietti and others were the architects who designed the project. A few years later in the same area and using the same plans Lingeri and Terragni started designing the well known Danteum Building. The video try to suggest the aspect of the whole settlement, spotting on the relationship with the surrounding roman ruins and trying to underline how these ruins were a part of the inspiration elements in the whole project. The reconstruction told the story of a “what if” about this particular Rome area, with a special attention to the re-reading and interpretation of the design wills from the architect team.

Keywords: Terragni Virtual Reconstruction Architecture Rome