(Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Berlin, Germany)

Keywords: data repository, archiving, documentation

The poster will give an overview about IANUS, a new research centre in Germany for digital data from archaeology and classical studies. The project is funded by the DFG and is currently under construction. Since September 2011 its future tasks and duties are being defined and financial as legal frameworks are discussed. Once established, IANUS will be comparable to eDNA in the Netherlands and ADS in the UK.
Primary goals will be the long-term preservation, the dissemination and the aggregation of digital research data. For all these aspects the issues of data management, data quality, data documentation, data storage and data re-usage are crucial questions. Thus the poster will present the fundamental concept of a data lifecycle and will explain why it is important to archive and disseminate data.
Furthermore, it will answer some key questions about IANUS:

  •         What is it?
  •         Why and for whom does it exist?
  •         Which services will be offered?
  •         When can it be used?
  •         Who is involved in it?
  •         What are the present actions?

One focus, as a main service, will be new IT-guidelines which comprise both accepted standards as well as best-practice examples and which IANUS is going to host and promote within the German community. Hopefully these will help data producers to improve the documentation of their data, to enhance the consciousness for the quality of their data and to conduct sustainable data management.