Willem BEEX
(BEEX, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Keywords: LIDAR, DEM, New Archaeological Finds

How to really use LIDAR point clouds
LIDAR is not a really new technology. But with Light Detection And Ranging of Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging in our time, we now are also able to get an accurate model of the actual surface completely stripped from the buildings and vegetation. And even more interesting for Cultural Heritage and Archaeology, most of the data is already freely available for research.
This is certainly the case for the Netherlands, with our “Actueel Hoogtemodel Nederland 2”, or “AHN2”. The density of the measured points is at least 50 centimetres, which guarantees that any remains of a structure larger than one by one metre will be detected. And many unknown structures have been discovered since.
This excellent result however, made many a person within the world of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology completely oblivious for obvious mistakes regarding the just interpretation of the available data.
This Poster is intended to show what is allowed, and what is not. It is also based on a former paper for Workshop 7 by the author, the old name of CHNT.