Room setup

  • The technical equipment in each meeting room consists of:
    • Notebook (Windows 10, Office 2010, PDF reader, VLC player)
    • Internet access (Wifi internet access is available throughout the conference venues – City Hall)
    • Sound system and LCD projector
    • podium microphones, light pointer
  • If you need any other equipment or service, please contact
  • You will not generally be able to plug your own laptop into the conference projection system.

Presentation Guidelines

    • Presentation language: English
    • Please prepare your slides as a PowerPoint file (up to Version 2010) or a PDF. Both standard (4:3) and wide screen (16:9) slide sizes are supported.
    • Bring your presentation on USB Memory Stick (no CD-ROM device available)


Delivering your presentation

  • The time allocated for each presentation is 15 minutes, with a further 5 minutes allowed for discussion.
  • Time slots for round tables and some special sessions may be shorter and will be described in the call or given by the session chair.
  • Be sure you know exactly when and where your presentation will be given.
  • Arrive at the location in the (coffee/lunch) break before your presentation. The chair will help you to upload your presentation.
  • Let the session chair know you are there. The chair will help you by operationg the projector and the microphone.
  • Beware of the time! The chair will indicate how much time remains and will stop you when the allotted time is used.
  • Make sure you can stay after the presentation until the next break for additional questions and/or more conversation.

Submit your abstract via online-form.

More presentation tips for newbies