The proceedings CHNT 22, 2017 will be published by CHNT 

For the peer review process and the editing process we will use the SDH Tool (Studies in Digital Heritage).
Publication is only possible for presenters who showed up at the conference.

Please mind the following rules for contribution:

(1) papers must be submitted in proper format by no later than January 15, 2018. Please download the template here.
(2) papers must be at least four (4) pages long and no longer than ten (10) pages (plain text i.e. without abstract, illustrations and references)
(3) papers may not have more than twenty (20) illustrations

To submit your paper, please do the following steps:

(1) Follow this link to register (If you have registered for last year’s proceedings, you are already in the system!)

(2) Then go to the following page:

  • Under Journal Section, choose “CHNT ’17”
  • Be sure to click on all the boxes on the Submission Checklist and also at the end of the section on Copyright Notice.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.

(3) Next, you are taken to the page where you can upload your Submission.

Please mind: All papers will be peer reviewed! (Peer Reviewer CHNT, 21 2016)


SDH Special Edition CHNT 2017
of best papers from CHNT Proceedings 2017.

The Chief Editors of  SDH will select and nominate jointly with the CHNT board several best papers from all proceedings for publication in the SDH-online Journal (