Guide: Ingeborg GAISBAUER | Stadtarchäologie Wien

The intention of this years guided tour is to present at least some of the structures elucidated by the on-going research concerning the questions of medieval settlement beginning/development and the reuse of roman material und remnants.

After a span of probably 400 years of settlement hiatus regarding the former well populated and densely built roman area first traces of renewed settlement approach appeared in the late 9th to 10th century.  A few fragments of pottery and parts of a cemetery surrounding the presumable predecessor of the church of St. Stephen shed some light on the first manifest medieval activities. Far from well-grounded understanding of these first processes or being able to describe definite settlement structures, it is evident, that this fist spark of medieval Vienna came to life in and surrounded by roman ruins and remnants of different kind. A diverse way to deal with the “material” at hand was the result. If the roman remnants were the main cause for annexing this are, or if  medieval settlement development was merely “adjusting” to the possibilities and obstacles represented by structures built in roman times step by step is a point to discuss while having a look at the interplay of reuse and rejection, incorporating and destroying that followed.