Albertus Voorrips

(Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

“In the Past-Present-Future session we are very pleased to welcome Dr. Bert Voorrips. Voorrips, who retired a few years ago, is one of the pioneers of modern computer applications and applied statistics in archaeology, and he has agreed to tell once more how it all started and evolved. The latest publication by Bert Voorrips, in collaboration with S. Holstrom and H. Kamermans, is the “Agro Pontino Archaeological Survey”, published 2004. This is the result of ten years of survey in the region (1979-1989), with the aim of tackling “distribution, distribution factors, and chronology”. This publication is available on an interactive CD, including an extended database linked with maps of the region. On his request for this special occasion, his contribution will be at the end of a day. Allowing him to present a few “Grim(m) Tales”, each with a lesson for future generations. Also allowing the audience to join him after the official lectures, where they can evaluate their own fairytales, during a more informal way of communication.”
Willem Beex, Session Chair

In this light-hearted contribution I present some of the disasters and miracles I have encountered or caused during my career as a ‘quantitative archaeologist’ at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Whether or not there are lessons to be learned from this, is left to the audience. Best time for these fairy tales is at the end of a long day of serious lectures, when everybody is ready for a drink.