The first drink is sponsored by the district, the second drink is sponsored by the restaurant.

Everything else has to be paid by yourself.

Enjoy this evening!

Menu, Wednesday November 13, 2013


Beef Tartare   (ca.100gr.)                                             € 11,90
with toast and butter

Beef broth with cut pancakes                                        €   3,20

Pumpkin cream soup                                                   €   4,20
with pumpkin seed and pumpkin oil


Main dishes:

Original Viennese Schnitzel                                      € 15,90
from veal with persil potatoes

Roast goose                                                                     € 18,90
with red cabbage and dumplings

Viennese Tafelspitz                                                      € 12,90
prime boiled beef with vegetables, horseradish,
chives sauce and pan fried potatoes

Gösser´s beer roast                                                     €   9,90
with cabbage and dumplings

Grand Ma’s small egg dumplings                          €   8,80
with mixed salad and chives

Hungarian Cabbage Strudel                                    €   7,90
with pepper cream and salad



Viennese Applestrudel                                             €   4,90
with whipped cream

Kaiserschmarr´n                                                        €   6,90
cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins and stewed plums


Enjoy your meal and have a nice evening at Gösser Bräu!!

All prices incl. taxes and dues