(beyondarts GmbH, Klosterneuburg, Austria)

Keywords: 360° Virtual Reality, Mobile Apps, Multimedia, Panoramic View

Experiencing touristic highlights, cultural and archaeological treasures at home is currently very limited. The experience is normally reduced to 2-dimensional images and audio.
Although 360° panoramic views of highlights are available, related high quality content and interactive tours are not.
Immersive VR-Applications provide new visual possibilities and experiences, however, they are still at the beginning, often they have several shortcomings related to the user experience, quality and stability, often they are „tech-demos“. Products that are market-ready are rare.
Previewing the cultural highlights at home can of course not replace the real visit. On the location itself the adequate solution as guiding tools are the beyondarts 2D app/guides.
Our apps/guides, including multilingual audio files alongside text, images and features like geo-positioning, already provide high quality content in the touristic sector. A good combination of the selection of the 10 highlights, detailed information and storytelling lead to an exciting experience of 1 to 2 hours.
The existing app is now simply extended, a 360° panoramic view is implemented. The existing content can be used, only the panoramic images have to be created.
The user sees the highlights of the beyondarts app in a 360° panoramic view in 3D and thus as an immersive experience. The detail buttons are integrated in the 360° view, so that the user can simply navigate by sight within the app. Designed for Google cardboard, Samsung GearVR and mobile virtual reality headsets for all platforms: iOS, Android and as a web-application for windows hardware and touch screens.
VR develops to a “life-style” product in an emerging market – estimated 37 millions of mobile virtual reality headsets will be on the market 2020.
beyondarts develops content and the technical application for this market. In our presentation we will show how our 2D and our 360°VR app/guides work, what features they offer. We will explain their wide range of uses and show the new possibilties for marketing and distribution.

Relevance conference | Relevance session:
New technologies can help to understand cultural heritage and gain new target groups.

We present one of the rare market-ready 3D App-Guiding solutions.

The 3D Application is brand new, we have already created 2D solutions e.g. for Burghauptmannschaft Österreich (Guide Hofburg Vienna), Klosterneuburg Monastery (Guide Kl. Monatsery) and the cities of Baden (Guide Baden near Vienna) and Gmunden (Guide Seeschloss Ort).