(beyondarts GmbH, Klosterneuburg, Austria)

Keywords: 360° Virtual Reality, Mobile Apps, Multimedia, Panoramic View

Experiencing touristic highlights and cultural treasures at home is currently very limited. The experience is normally reduced to 2-dimensional images and audio. Although 360° panoramic views of highlights are available, related high quality content and interactive tours are not. Immersive VR-Applications provide new visual possibilities and experiences, however products that are market-ready are rare.
A high grade of immersion also means a stronger emotional connection to a city and a region and can influence the decision-making of tourists for certain destinations.
The beyondarts-2D App already provides high quality content in the field of art and culture. The existing app is extended, a 360° panoramic view is implemented. The existing content can be used, only the panoramic images have to be created. The user sees the highlights of the beyondarts app in a 360° panoramic view in 3D and thus as an immersive experience. The detail buttons are integrated in the 360° view, so that the user can navigate within the app. The result ist a combination of VR, high quality content, storytelling and interactivity that is currently not available anywhere else.