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Conference (mandatory)
 Full registration (150/120 Euro)
 Student registration (70/60 Euro) (< age of 27)
 Speaker/Poster/App Presenter (95 Euro)
 Student Speaker/Poster/App Presenter (45 Euro) (< age of 27)

 Science Slammer (95 Euro)
 Student Science Slammer (45 Euro) (< age of 27)

 Day ticket Nov. 08 (80 Euro)
 Day ticket Nov. 09 (80 Euro)
 Day ticket Nov. 10 (80 Euro)

 Initiative Seniorarchäologie / Vienna City Administration (60 Euro)
 Accompanying person (60 Euro)

 Exhibitors (800 Euro)

In case of you want to register as student please upload a copy of your students ID card (max. 1 MB, format: tif, tiff, jpg, jpeg, png)

Registration for Advanced Archaeological Trainings (optional)

(Registration is fixed only after payment!)
 Training 1: Integration of archaeological and historical data (20 Euro)
 Training 3: Archaeological geospatial infrastructures (20 Euro)
 Training 4: Professional presentations (20 Euro)

Registration for Excursions / Social Events (optional)
Wednesday, November 8th
 Event 1 Opening Reception at District Museum Josefstadt

Thursday, November 9th
 Event 2: Mayor Cocktail at the Rathauskeller (7:30 pm)
 Tour 1: Guided Tour City Hall (6 pm)

Friday, November 10th
 Event 3: Informal Farewell (Location will be announced soon) (7:30 pm)

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