Antonio MAGGIORE1 / Virginia VALZANO2

(1ISUFI University of Salento, Lecce, Italy/ 2SIBA University of Salento, Lecce, Italy)

Outline: Valorization and fruition of Cultural Heritage by means of innovative technologies

FIR (Fototeca digitale dell’Iconografia Rupestre della regione Puglia – Digital Photographic Library of Rupestrian Iconography in Apulia) is an integrated System of archives, multimedia geo-referenced information and three-dimensional reconstructions, created by SIBA of the University of Salento (, by means of 2D, 3D and GIS digital technologies.
By accessing the System, available at, the user can visualise the spatial distribution of rupestrian settlements in the provinces of Lecce and Taranto, such as several rupestrian churches and Byzantine crypts of remarkable historical and artistic value. The user can also be linked to brief outlines provided with images, planimetries and other bibliographical and documentary resources. The System provides further electronic resources, three-dimensional models and virtual reconstructions. FIR System is integrated with the products and results of the project 3D Database (, implemented by SIBA for 3D acquisition and processing, as well as virtual representation of archaeological finds, settings and architectural structures.

Keywords: Rupestrian settlements; Byzantine Crypts; Integrated digital system