Author: R. Hecht

BRICKS is a EU project to build a distributed Digital Library network for Cultural Heritage institutions. The software is distributed for free (open source) and runs on inexpensive servers. The aim of BRICKS is not to replace existing content management systems or databases, but to network their contents. Therefore we try to make importing existing data as easy and cheap as possible. The only costs for joining our network are those for the hardware and the setup of the node.

BRICKS gives all member organisations the possibility to expose their data. The data will be retrievable from every node in the network. This allows to interlink data from diverse organisations, thus creating valuable synergies that would be lost if the data were available in isolation. Imagine that you could find information from all relevant institutes in your field with a single search. With BRICKS you can (provided that these institutes are members of the network)!

BRICKS is searching for cooperation partners for follow-up projects. So if you are interested in publishing your data in a way that maximises their usefulness for you and your colleagues, or if you have innovative ideas for applications that could be built using our network, contact us!