(Ministry of Culture and Tourism – FOCUH (Friends of Cultural Heritage), Istanbul, Turkey)

Keywords: Restoration, tomography, museology, 3D technology, historical artifacts

Cesme is a settlement and a harbor situated on the promontory of a peninsula that projects out over the Aegean Sea, in Western Anatolia. In Turkish Naval History, Cesme also grieves in rememberance of “The Sea Battle of Cesme”, which had an important impact on Turkish maritime history when the Ottoman Armada was destroyed by re ships sent by the Russians in 1770. In this war, the burning main mast of the Turkish vessel fell onto the ship The admiral ship called “Yevstafiy” and in a few minutes Yevstaiy blew off. Diving studies was started in 1996 and a sword was removed from the Yevstafiy wreck. This sword hasn’t been touched in 20 years and in 2015 moved to the laboratory for conservation. In this study, Computed Tomography was used for the 3d model and to see the corruption of the sword in the scabbard. We used 3D scanner and 3D printer technology in for this restoration Project.
Sword image could not be obtained with a flat panel. In this study, around the metal or composite an artefact is sufficient to scan a given object and to create a two- dimensional projection. CBCT was helpful to enabled visualization of fracture areas. CBCT is a very high spatial resolution, relatively low radiation dose and excellent 3D-reconstuction possibilities. Tomography technique for studying internal damage in sword. In the analysis, the presence of absence of the sword in the scabbard as a whole, dividing it into pieces able to retain the form. The sharp edge of the sword quinine down section, in the body of the plate, in the case of the steel of the sword was examined. Density values of the tissues that gives with the help of different materials by comparing the values of the sheath cases have been revealed. It according to the structure of the iron is a spongy, density is nearly wood close by. The under the brass in view of iron corrosion more than other areas. This effect of iron corrosion by galvanic decays faster with the result that, at the same time Iron brass that may provide for cathodic protection. Also, by using this information we was reproduced some part of sword with 3d Printer. Copy Sword and Scabbard was exhibited when conservation, restoration and replica studies finished.