Elisabeth MONAMY
(Archeomuse, Vienna, Austria)

Keywords: database, statistics, social medias, experimental archaeology

Archeomuse started 2015 to promote experimental archaeology in Austria and mainly in Vienna through antique cooking workshops. The use of social media has been of a great importance endorsing the information that these courses exist. After one year it is very interesting to have a look at the audience of the postings. Who is the audience, who are the followers and the users? Does it match with Archeomuses expectation or offline target group? Is it another audience than the one targeted by posters, flyers, newsletters? What are the postings about? Does the audience vary depending on the data presented: articles about new scientific research or new evidences from excavations or advertising an upcoming event, antique cooking workshop or conference? Apart from the audience, how and when do users react? Do they “like” a posting or a picture, or do they react and write something? In these few minutes during the round table it will be exciting to present statistics about how many or which postings are seen and / or read by the audience and how many people really book an antique cooking workshop or attend any kind of events offered by Archeomuse. Finally, these statistics will show if the social media are reaching potential clients or just awaken interest for (experimental) archaeology.

Relevance conference | Relevance session:
How experimental archaeology pleases in social media and how potential interest is awakened.

A survey of the offer of experimental archeology workshops in a non-scientific field for a wide audience in social media in Austria.

exampel of an article about an ancient beer recipe and the reaction on facebook
pictures from events hosted by Archeomuse and the number of followers