Norbert Hackner

(Tele Atlas Österreich GmbH, Wien, Austria)

Tele Atlas is a leading company in digital mapping and cartography worldwide. Tele Atlas provides a most accurate geo database for Europe as well as North America. The data is used in a variety of navigation systems, PDA-applications, for GIS (Geographic Information System), transport and safety systems as well as wireless applications. New Location Based Services (LBS)enabled by Tele Atlas maps are being developed and introduced to the market step by step recently.
These solutions are being developed by a large number of Tele Atlas partners worldwide. The presentation will give a short overview over these solutions, mainly in the navigation business. Its meaning for touristical and cultural services is becoming greater every day. New platforms are being added and new services are being created. Innovative solutions guide their user across borders, taking away the anxiousness of exploring something new. With always smaller and cheaper devices almost everybody is able to use these services and according to their little weight they are becoming mobile also outside cars. For instance new guidance systems for pedestrians.
With higher capacity on transferring the data and better availability on the other hand, users are provided with more detailed information every day. Pictures, textual information and even little films are available and all this depending on the individual position of the tourist (LBS). The main issue for the development of new assets will be to make them more attractive in regards of speed, stability and easy usability. Besides not to forget about the right business model.