… to cultural heritage management in the Gulf Cooperation Council: Examples and new perspectives

Chairs: Alice BIANCHI | Richard CUTTLER, Qatar

The protection of heritage in the face of rapid urban development presents serious challenges for government bodies and institutions, both at national and regional levels. However, such challenges also present the possibility for fresh opportunities and a re-evaluation of Eurocentric approaches to the documentation and management of heritage. Where prior documentation and inventories are absent, examples of good cultural resource management and documentation in other regions can be used to form the basis of innovative new methodologies and infrastructures tailored to local data standards. The absence of pre-existing documentation or infrastructure also presents fresh opportunities for the application of complementary technologies and data standards at a regional or international level. This is of particular relevance given the connectivity available via the world wide web, offering access to unparalleled digital resources unavailable to an infrastructure developed in isolation. Within such a framework is also the potential for an holistic land to sea approach that provides consistency across terrestrial, marine and intertidal datasets.

This session examines existing regional approaches to heritage documentation and data standards, and considers the future regional potential for web-based heritage management resources and documentation within the Gulf Cooperation Council and wider region.

Session proposal by Alice Bianchi, Richard Cuttler, Tobias Tonner, Lucie Dingwall